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Airport Shuttle from Kokkola

The airport shuttle between the airport and Karleby and Jakobstad is handled by City Taxi Jeppis.
Please remember to book in advance!

The Airport Shuttle is a shared taxi.
We pick you up from home well in advance of departure and drive you home right after the flight.

Book in time!

Transportation should be booked in advance as following:
Morning flight:
6pm the day before (18:00 local time)
(Passengers booking any later than 6pm will be transported by normal taxi.)
Afternoon flight:
before 10 a.m.
Evening flight :
before 5 p.m. (17:00 local time)

If you arrive with the night flight, please book a seat so that we can ensure a seat for everyone.!

Book via the form, or call Tel. 050 5509 866.


Pietarsaari center:

1-2 people in the shuttle, 25 € / person.
3-8 people in the shuttle, 20 € / person.

Karleby city centre: 20 €/person.
If your pick-up address is more than 3 km outside the city centre, we may charge an additional fee.
Please call us and ask for the price in advance.

Note: The customer enters the time for the arrival/departure of the flight and we will notify you of the pickup time.


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