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Matkavekka reorganizes its travel production for the year 2020

The reorganization means that Matkavekka will cancel previously announced charter trips for the spring of 2020.

The reason why Matkavekka is canceling charter trips for April and May 2020 is that pre-sales have been poor. The cancellations of Matkavekkas charter trips doesn’t just affect Kokkola-Pietarsaari Airport, but all regional airports in Finland. The cancellations do not apply to other flight or travel packages of Matkavekkas.

Matkavekka does not end with charter flights from Kokkola-Jakobstad Airport

The reorganization of Matkavekka's travel production does not lead to the end of charter flights from Kokkola-Jakobstad Airport or other regional airports in Finland.

For a few years, pre sale of the spring charter trips from landscape airports have been too low. The autumn charter trips have, however, had a much higher demand. Matkavekkas charter trips for the autumn 2020 can already be pre-ordered.


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